The McKinney’s

By September 6, 2009 One Comment

            Lifestyle Portraiture is about that which lies beneath the surface. Photographs that exhibit more about personality than appearance.  More about what makes you who you are and those instants when who you are is revealed through expression and gesture.  NOT every photograph has to have EVERYONE looking and smiling in that robotic, stagnant way to be beautiful.

             For each client, my greatest interest is to craft singular images of those defining moments, those truthful, ordinary moments that collectively make up a visual history of your children, your family and the bonds that join you to one another in the most profound ways.

         Today, I hung out with the McKinney Family….and a few of the Malek’s too! 🙂 Although the sneak peek only contains photos of Mom, Dad, Austin and Logan….we also photographed both sets of Amy & Bret’s parents with their the itty bitty’s….I’m keeping them in suspense…Tee he he 🙂

    Meet Austin! He’s a little ham ball………..


……and the newest edition to the McKinney Family, Logan


…………We’ll keep the little swinging mishap our little secret…HAHAH!! 😉

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