Mr. & Mrs. Jablunovsky

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*Disclaimer: I am NOT a writer-I’m a photographer! The End!

 I’m going to TRY to sum this wedding up……..but I’m not sure I have the words to describe how lively, friendly and just down right FUN they were to be around. It was as if I was hanging out with old friends from high school. I LOVE MY JOB!! 


I officially met the two of them “literally” moments before the wedding. Lisa showed up with a huge smile on her face, despite it raining buckets outside, a mean church lady and an “almost” brides maid dress catastrophe. Speaking of it raining buckets outside…..THAT set back the plans to stop at a few places along the way for the group shots SOOOOOO we improvised! Where else do you go on a rainy wedding day but the BAR-specifically the BAR they met! As soon as the owner saw us coming, he yelled “Free Drinks on the House” ! It was nothing but a huge celebration and hey…..we still got a group shot! Big thanks to Al Patties hospitality in Indiana……that was super nice of you-PLUS it made for some pretty wicked photos! Where else did we stop? Well, I’m glad you asked….. one more bar, a gazebo, a horse barn equipped with horses, a restroom for the Prego ladies and the nicest lady who let us use their property! Total Randomness!  Never a dull moment.

Behold……………Zeee photos:


………I LOVE their faces in this one!!


…………… I’ll be working on the rest over the next week. Congratulations Lisa & Ashley!

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