Mr. & Mrs. Tartalone

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 Part of my job as a photographer is to read body language and the energy of the Bride and Groom. I’m not saying I have any kind of super-natural powers, but you know what I mean! I’ve said it before, I can tell ALOT about a Bride and Groom during the portrait session-how they interact with each other. My first impression: He couldn’t take his eyes off of her the entire night. It was THE cutest thing I have seen in a very long time …I bet it helped that she was easy on the eyes too!!

Dianna and Jason had actually been officially married the day before and since I was already booked for Saturday, they hired another photographer from Pitts to shoot the ceremony at Phipps Conservatory….and thanks to a very good and fantastical photographer friend of mine Teri Albarano she referred Dianna to me. So thank you Terri! You can check out her website *here*. Because the two of them were getting ready all over again on Sunday for their reception, I showed up to shoot the “getting ready” photos—my favorite!! Dianna looked stunning in her gown and Jason was so handsome in his dress blues.

Both of them are Paramedics–it’s actually how they met so as their favors they gave away band-aid tins for “Hugs and Kisses from the Mr. & Mrs.”   with xoxoxo on them….AWWWW!!! I thought it was super cute! Speaking of cute, it was pouring rain AGAIN on Sunday so she wore the most awesome-sauce rain boots-they soooo fit her personality.

 Dianna your face HAS TO hurt from smiling so much. Happy honeymooning in Jamaica!!


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