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I promised Amanda and John, I’d blog their wedding before I left on vacation….so as promised-wahh laa!! Considering John is a teacher and Amanda a copy editor at The Altoona Mirror-I better cross my T’s and dot my I’s. Tee he he!! (Disclaimer: I’m a photographer NOT a writer..he he he)

The first photo below is the initial time I saw Amanda, prior to that we had chatted through e-mails and once or twice on the phone. As soon as she turned the corner, she had the biggest smile on her face and the most laid back personality. Sequestered in the apartment suite located in Mt. Aloysius College awaiting her walk down the isle in Mercy Chapel, there was such a calmness about her. Moments before I had met the Groom in the hallway, while I was wandering around aimlessly (that place was huge) trying to find “The Room” she’d be hanging out in until her grand entrance, he too had the biggest smile–I love first impressions!! The most significant thing about THIS wedding was the fact they were getting married in the very chapel they had met several years ago while both attending college there. Cue the Aww’s…….AWWWWW!!

The reception, you want to know about the reception???…………Pure celebration………and the BEST dance moves I have wittnessed in a very long time. They had the greatest sense of humor and I think my face hurt just as much as my feet did at the end of the day. Although your honeymoon will be a bit delayed when you do go to Disney World in November….you better send me the Micky Mouse ear’s photo so I can add to the blog!! I’m honored to have spent the day with you and your families. Thank you for being so hospitable!!

As promised, here is your “sneak peek”!! 🙂




THIS guy was stinkin hilarious! I’m not sure the last time I had laughed THAT hard!!


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