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Punta Cana 2009

By October 10, 2009 4 Comments

There’s something about traveling…..other cultures-it amazes me. I’ve been to several countries in the past 10 years and we are already planning where we are going next year. Sure, it’s relaxing to get away and lay on the beach all day, but I’m fascinated by other cultures and everywhere we go, we try to get out of the “touristy” places and actually “see” what that country has to offer. We had a fantastic time, met some new friends who coincidentally live only 15 minutes from us (HI Tony & Natalie!!) What a small world!

Where do I even start????   The Resort: We stayed at “The Dreams: Palms” Resort which was fantastic (for the most part). Greg and I had upgraded to a suite which was super close to the beach. It included room service 24 hours a day that we too FULL advantage of almost every day. It also included two huge flat screen TV’s a frig that was fully stocked everyday with every beer/liquor under the sun and not to mention the concierge service!!


 EVERYONE that worked there was soo incredibly happy, cheerful and pleasant to be around… favorite was Clemente one of the bartenders. He among a handful of others made our stay enjoyable!!



Although, we were only in Punta Cana a week, but we made sure to make it off the resort at at least once. We visited sugar cane and cocoa bean plantations, had a taste of freshly brewed coffee and cocoa that we were able to grind, learned how to properly roll cigars and we traveled on a Safari and went into the “real” Punta Cana-away from the tourist shops and into the towns of the local villages. In two words, “Completely Humbling”. 



 A local family welcomed us into their home to see how they live and allowed us to take photographs. In order to accumulate what little money they have, they pick coconuts from their land, shave them down and squeeze out the coconut oil to sell to the local resorts which they use for the massages offered on the beach.  The house pictured below is the home we visited.



From there we went into town and saw their local gas station and meat market-we were told that you pay for the meat, but the flies are free!! LOL


As we traveled into the mountains on bumpy dirt roads, the local children would come up to the vehicle offering us flowers they hand picked from the trees. Once we arrived at our destination in the mountains, we were served a meal by the locals of “authentic” Punta Cana food. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!


Here we got to see the process and ingredients in Mama Juana-is a drink from the Dominican Republic that is concocted by allowing rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. The taste is quite similar to port wine and the color is a deep red. It is seen and advertised as an aphrodisiac, with many natives of the Dominican Republic claiming that the drink has similar effects to Viagra. We bartered for a bottle-it’s quite the conversation piece!! LOL Ohhhh Mama Juana!!  We also ventured across the snake man who allowed me to hold them…….. 🙂 I’m always up for an adventure!


So by now, your probably thinking….where are the beaches and the sand and the relaxation………….well, THIS is why we came here. Feast your eyes on these views!!!


Not only were the beaches gorgeous but there was soo much to do at the resort. One night we attended a show in the theatre where Greg almost ended up in his underewear (funny story), Greg participated in the “pop the baloon with your butt cheeks in the water” competition LOL, I kissed the bar tender to get my drink, we played chef at a local restaurant, drank ENDLESS amounts of mixed tropical drinks, made  HUGE bubble mess in the SPA tub in our bathroom, attended the bonfire and Congo Party down by the beach, spent some time in the Casino and had soooo many good laughs with our new found friends 🙂


So it goes without being said, there is NOOOO possible way to share ALL of the photos I took while I was away, but I at least wanted to show a little of this and a little of that. At this point, I am trying to get back into the groove of the “Busy-Ness” so please give me a few extra days to return the emails and phone calls that have accumulated while I’ve been away. If you don’t hear from me by Tuesday, please resend any emails as they may have been lost in the infamous Junk Mail!

I hope some of these images made you smile but most off I hope they made you appreciative 🙂 Audios Amigos!!


  • Bev Schweigert says:

    Looks like an amazing trip! Even though the tropical pics are gorgeous, I think I truly love the local pictures the best.

  • Natalie Perry says:

    The pix that you took are so amazing! wow I love them!! I wish we can go back again.. we’re already to cold in PA! haha

  • Traci says:

    I was sooo excited to see your pics since we’re going to the other Dreams Resort in Punta Cana for our Honeymoon! You look gorgeous in the pic in the restaurant!

  • toni says:

    WOW!!! I NEED to go there! that guy with the snakes was scary and then you wore them… ahhhh!!! those photo are fantastical!!! ill have to share the photos i took at the grand canyon, they all look the same. hahahah!!!! you even got to take a wedding while you were gone! WONDERFUL as usual!!!

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