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            So it’s official…our vacation has been booked, paid for and is waiting for us to grace it with our presents….I know, I know…I’m dramatic!!! Greg and I tossed several ideas around about where we wanted to go but it ultimately boiled down to the Caribbean. I’ve always been a last minute kinda person when it came to making decisions….so here we are about 2 and half weeks away from our scheduled vacation and we are JUST NOW deciding that’s where we want to go. I bet our travel agent loves us, we basically call her up EVERYTIME and say: “We have these days off and this is what we want to spend and we have our passports….where can you send us?”  So just as an FYI from October 5-10th, I will be HAPPILY M.I.A!  I still have several things scheduled up until I leave (literally, the day before) and TONS of stuff scheduled for when we get back (literally the day after I get back)….see why I need a vacation?! Tee he he!

          Last year around this same time, we were soaking up the rays on the beaches of Mexico—-this year, we’ll be sipping cold beverages and watching the sunsets on the beaches of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I know October 5th will not come soon enough…. 🙂

         I couldn’t help pull out a few photos from the Mexico trip to get me in the “beach mode” for Punta Cana…… Holla!!


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