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The Gartley’s & Their Pooch! :)

By October 20, 2009 One Comment

Today’s shoot revolved around this little guy!


He gave me a run for my money …..AND I did the shoot with a bummed eye! Long story short, I’m having some “issues” with my eyes and the eye doctor had to dilate them completely in order to check out the problems! SOOO, that meant that I had fully dilated pupils and an absolutely gorgeous sunny day = squinting like crazy. So Paula’s first impression of me probably wasn’t the best!!! But I think they both understood. So THANK YOU for not running away from this One Eyed Photographer today!!

 I’m not sure Paula could have picked a more perfect day to have these portraits done. After all of those cold days around here, I was beginning to second guess having sessions booked into the end of October….but it worked out perfectly.

 If you can’t tell by the photos-these two have been married for 10 years and wanted to have some photos of their baby (not so much a baby anymore) because…..well they just didn’t have any. So I tried my best with one eye and below is the sneak peek! I hope I’ve made you proud!!! Tee he he


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