Mr. & Mrs. Broker

By October 29, 2009 2 Comments

As  I was editing these  photos, I was trying to think back at how many weddings I’ve covered this past year…. The number is 29. Most of them I’ve posted, a few I haven’t for whatever reason or another based on the request of the Bride and Grooms. In covering that many weddings in one year-and who knows how many in all the years I’ve been shooting weddings….THIS wedding was the very first wedding EVER that I’ve been summoned to take photos in a department store, more specifically Target!  Their wedding day was actually a vow renewal. You see just as many other military families, they were married before Chris was deployed and they planned on having a proper wedding after he returned for both of their families. So after you’ve trekked half way around the world to fight for our country- taking photos in Target was the LEAST I could do to accommodate their requests. (Besides the looks we got from the shoppers were PRICELESS!!!)

So why Target? Well, Chris had actually proposed in the shoe isle. When I asked him why, he said, “Well, she loves Target and I knew she’d never expect it if I did it inside the store”. So while inside the store we had some fun with it. Everyone was a great sport….and now I can say, I’ve done it all!! LOL

Sharon and Chris, I wish you years of happiness. I promise anytime I shop at Target, I’ll be thinking of the two of you!! Tee he he



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