Nicole & Adam….

By November 1, 2009 One Comment

After feeling like POO for the past week, it felt really good to get back out there and shoot today! Nicole and Adam are probably on their  5 and half hour journey back home as I’m typing. They came up from Maryland to have me shoot their portraits this afternoon and I have to say, they make for some good company!! Nicole had schedule this a very long time ago so that they could have the photos done in the fall with the leaves……and after all that wind and yucky weather we had this past week, it didn’t “leaf” us many trees to choose from. We scouted out a few places and made them work, had a few good laughs and I educated them on the “hand shelves” ….tee he he


One Comment

  • SPiper says:

    I’m a blog stalker and Adam is a friend of mine from high school and college! Congratulations to you both! Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures!

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