All 11 of them….

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No this isn’t an extended, blended or photo shopped family—There REALLY is 11 in their immediate family. You know what that means—-9 children. Que the Advil now!! Tee he he!

Let me say, these parents must be saints. I have ONE child and at times feel overwhelmed and these guys have 9….NINE kids. They are all beautiful, polite and well behaved….but there’s 9 of them!  Honestly, even with that many children all in one photo-it was one of the easiest shoots to date. Everyone did exactly what they were told and it went SOOOO smoothly-and trust me, I can’t say that for every single one I’ve done over the years. I bet the holidays at their house are crazy fun! One of my best friends from high school Laura (Hi Laura!!!) had 7 other brother and sisters and I LOVED spending time over there. There was NEVER a dull moment and we were NEVER bored!

You may recognize a few of them from my blog posts over the summer. I shot Paul and Christine’s Sr. Photos and since Paul, the oldest, is heading off to the military soon and they wanted to have one photo with everyone in it…so Wah-Lah!

I pick up on people’s energy levels when I’m out shooting. I can immediately tell if someone is excited, nervous, etc……these guys were so happy and most of all down to earth. I hope to see more of you guys over the years since the littlest one is only 2….or is it 3….Man, how do you keep track??!! 🙂

 …..and did I mention, they have a sense of humor too???  🙂




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