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Christmas Kick Off

By November 29, 2009 No Comments

So every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my family gathers at my Mom’s house for the annual “Decorate the Bazillion Foot High Tree”.  All the kids scramble to hang the ornaments …..the little ones get first dips on the bottom of the tree, the teenagers are next and finally the adults get to do their part. I look forward to this every year because it’s just another reason for the family to get together. There are a total of 3 or 4 trees in the house with the largest one in the living room reaching almost 15 feet high. After all million Christmas bulbs are on the tree and everyone leaves for the evening-little elves come out and rearrange them… tee he he

Speaking of elves-Santa even made an appearance…(Santa and I are TIGHT!! LOL) Although the house was filled with laughter-not all of the family could be there this year. Some live out of state and others had to work and the a few just couldn’t make it out…..We missed you guys! You know who you are 🙁

For me, THIS is the kick off to Christmas. There is really no specific order to these photos…….so “let the CHAOS begin”!


mallory santa1-web


……Seriously, DON’T ASK!!



ornament1-websanta steps-websanta-w-Jen1-web







Happy Holiday’s!!!

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