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Pappy Davis & Grandma Fini

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Every year “Pappy Davis” makes his infamous home made noodles. IF there are left overs after everyone has eaten, I usually kick butt to take some home-seriously, you don’t want to get in the way of my noodles. Today, I got to Gram and Pap’s a bit earlier than usual and took a few photographs of him making his noodles..…..THESE are the memories I will cherish-the moments that I am thankful for!





These photos are nothing fancy-just a mere glimpse into the little things that make me smile! I mentioned in a previous blog post that my Mom had me when she was very young. Today, I have 5 generations  on the Sandolfini side of my family. This has always made for some very memorable holidays. Unfortunately, Great Grandma has suffered from dementia for some time. Each year it tends to get a little worse. It’s a good thing our family has a sense of humor because sometimes it can be so sad that you want to cry. This holiday, Great Grandma was in fantastic spirits and must have been in the mind frame of when she was in her 20’s. She kept telling Greg (my fiance’) how handsome he was and how she wanted to love him all night long!! It was soo incredibly funny and I have to be honest, I’m not sure the last time, I’ve laughed so hard my sides hurt. I had a fantastic time this holiday and I’m truely honored to have spent it around such positive, upbeat and down right FUN family members. I’m sooo THANKFUL that Mallory get’s to experience this as well.

This was Great Grandma Sandolfini approximately 5 years ago, when Mallory (my daughter) was born. This was the beginning of the 5 generations. Since then 3 other Great Grand Children have been born.

5 Generations-1

….and this is her today, 5 years later.

great gram1 t-day 09-web

….and this is my Grandma Davis–don’t be jealous my Grandma is hotter thans yours!! LOL just kidding…but seriously, isn’t she beautiful!

gram t-day 09-web

…and Mallory with Grandma and Pappy Davis…

gram and pap t-day 09-web


I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving surrounded by their loved ones just as I did. 🙂 AND Now I can officially say….Merry Christmas!!  🙂



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