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So I’m usually not a “traditional” photographer, but when you get large groups as this large Italian family sometimes it’s necessary. You may recognize a few of these faces from a wedding I shot over the summer. Gina, a former co-worker of mine from the newspaper called and asked me to shoot her family’s photos—–so because Gina is pretty kick ARSE…and her family was SOOOO much fun-of course I agreed!! The home I shot these photos in was absolutely gorgeous, a log cabin with beautiful wood and stone work nestled back into the woods…ahh in my dreams!!

I have to give props to the guys (and the gals) for being so cooperative during the shoot—considering these photos were taken DURING the Stiller’s game..and no one complained! I know-amazing right! LOL  ALSO, a big thank you to Gina for coming to get me when I got lost…tee he he!

You guys were tons of fun….especially there at the end!! 🙂 Because there were so many combinations of photos taken today, I’m just pulling random ones to show on the blog. I’ll get in touch with you when the rest are finished. Enjoy!





………..I love this photo….even Grandma is throwing up the peace sign!!! HAHAHA



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