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Window waiting….

By November 20, 2009 No Comments

Sometimes, I notice Mallory sitting, standing or making a facial expression that just …well, makes me smile. Enough for me to run up two flights of steps tip toe around the corner and then go all ninja on her in order to “get the shot”. Every photographer does things a little different. For example, some can spend tons of time setting up a shot,  some have no idea how to set up a shot and then some shoot on the fly. I’m a shoot on the fly kinda person. I see it. I shoot it.  She didn’t know I was taking this and if she did, it probably wouldn’t have looked the same. She’s not looking at the camera, she’s not making a funny face….but I LOVE IT!

I’ll admit it, sometimes it takes me a while to get ready. There I said it. Today, was one of those days. While I was fiddling around, Mallory had gotten herself ready and was patiently waiting on the window sill  for us slow pokes to get our bums in gear. She must have been day dreaming because I called her name a few times but when she didn’t answer, I peaked my head around the door frame and saw her sitting there. I grabbed the camera and whaa…laaa!


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