Baby Pogue…

By November 21, 2009 One Comment

I’ve become quite familiar with this family. I lost track after a while, but I’m thinking I’ve done 2 senior photo shoots, 1 engagement shoot, 1 almost wedding (I ended up being booked), the first born grandchild and now 3 week old baby Pogue.  I’m told-and have seen with my own eyes, that little miss Amber (the pooch) is very protective of the new baby. I think the photos with the dog are honestly some of my favorite baby portraits. I just can’t stop laughing over her snaggletooth in the photos….it’s precious!

Introducing Mr. Baby Pogue……..I’ll be the first to day that he did a fantastic job at his photo shoot-not one single “accident” …tee he he!







Congratulations Ben & Jean…..he’s absolutely gorgeous!!

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