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Baby Ainsley…..

By February 28, 2010 4 Comments

….is sooooo loved. Shes still got another 8 or so weeks to cook in the baby oven, but I’m thinking she’s going to pop out quite the little diva—that is if Mom has anything to do with it. She showed me her “labeled” dresser drawers full of the baby shoe collection…..ohhhhhhh so cute!! Speaking of cute, look at these two bigger diva’s. LOVE their shirts!!  These two are the exact same age as my little brother and sister—-they are in the same grades actually. **Sighh** I feel old!!

If you can’t tell, these photos were taken in baby Ainsley’s soon to be nursery. Kara warned me before we entered the room, ” It’s Bright”, she says. I adore bright bold colors….so I was in heaven. Thanks for opening your home up to me and even though the hubby tried to intimidate me with his “police stance” I wasn’t “SKURRED” ….Tee he he!

Enjoy your sneak peek!



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