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Drippity Drop

By February 6, 2010 2 Comments

Drip, Drop, Drippity Drop Drop till ya can’t stop…sorry, I know I”m a dork. I was actually singing this while taking the photos (insert embarrassing face here!!)

I’d like to think that water drops are just like sunsets, snow flakes, or rainbows -no two are ever the same. Today, I set up shop in the kitchen and photographed water drops. Sounds boring right….it was actually REALLY COOL. The most important piece of equipment I used today?? A towel!!

 It’s not secret we’ve gotten over 20 plus inches of snow up yonder here in Pennsyl-tuckey so besides going out to shovel the side walk or play Igloo party with Miss Mallory, I’ve been experimenting with some of my equipment. My other fellow photographers can atest to this: sometimes doing work for yourself is slim to none because your always on assignment or doing shoots, editing photographs for someone else. Well today, it was alllllllll me…muahh ha ha ha ha!! After I made stuffed peppers to bake all day in the crock pot (don’t be hat’in) I set up shop and photographed some good old fancy water drops. I’m kinda impressed with the way they came out. What do ya think? And Yes………I do know it doesn’t take very much to amuse me. Give me a tray of water and I’ll be amused for hours!! LOL


  • yes it is great when photographing something of pleasure is done, never happens here! 🙁 very cool water drop sequence!!! love the colors!!!! not a huge fan of the creamy milky ones…..just because because they aren’t as vibrant as the others….i think 🙂

  • admin says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with you 100% on the colors. I loved them because of their patterns. GOT MILK?! LOL

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