Mr. & Mrs. “Hutch”

By February 21, 2010 4 Comments

My face hurts……….from smiling all night!

I went up to hang out with Laura and her gang while she was getting beauty-fied by the lovely Alyssa Bracken who came straight to Laura’s house. Bride Tip:  (If possible) getting your hair and makeup done at your house-or the place your getting ready saves you a lot of hassle with getting there and back, you have more time to relax and your in the comfort of your own home. The getting ready photos are among my favorite throughout the day. There is something so serene about the process. The brides getting pampered and doted over and the girls laugh and giggle. 🙂 Even the flower girl got some pampering, she got her nails did too 😉 Tee he he

The day was beautiful and despite a few minor set backs including an MIA guest book, a whoopsy with the rings and an almost fire on the alter …….it was perfect. The thing I loved about the day-besides the fact they are VERY good friends of ours, was that everyone, including the family had the best sense of humor. I only had to tell Josh the “magic words” once to get him to smile…it was smooth sailing from there! 1-2-3- say…………hahahah!!

PS: Laura…..I’m glad you didn’t trip!! HAHA! I love you guys like Whoah and I wish you nothing but the best! Muuuahhh!

Below are a few photos, I’ll be working on these for a while, but I wanted you’all to have a sneak peek 😉 These are in no particlur order. Enjoy!


  • Bev Schweigert says:

    I love the photos!!! Saw so many people I know 🙂 I think I love the one with the tears in the groom’s eyes the best… made me cry! Congrats to the happy couple!!!

  • alisa garin says:

    jen! Absolutely LOVE these photos! I am envious of your awesome talent! If you don’t mind, I’d like to start recommending you to the brides we come in contact with….and maybe we’ll play another wedding that you shoot! <3

  • jen mcken says:

    Thanks Bev!! and Alisa, your not so bad yourself ;)You guys were fantastic!!!

  • Autumn Shannon says:

    The pix are beautiful! Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding – and those little ones are so adorable!! Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.

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