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Happy Valentine’s Day

By February 14, 2010 One Comment

One year ago today we closed on our 2nd house, since then we’ve gutted and remodeled a kitchen from the studs, added a bathroom down stairs, added a bathroom upstairs, added a laundry room upstairs, fixed up a 20×40 in-ground pool, and a 20×44 building on our property…are we done–not even close, but it’s hard to believe everything we’ve accomplished in just one short–VERY short year. I am guilty of sometimes taking advantage of the fact that I have a very hard working man, he did everything I mentioned above, worked 40 plus hours a week, was the best dad AND supported my photography career all along the way. Greg, I love you more than words can say and I know it’s super cheesy on Valentine’s Day but I really do “heart” you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve never gone all out on Valentine’s Day, I guess my motto has been-if you can’t tell/show me how much you love me throughout the year than don’t pick one day of the year that “everyone else is doing it”…..but I have always been a fan of doing something nice for someone to make them smile. I’m a simple kinda girl, as much as I love fancy dinners, huge rocks and fine wine’s–when it boils down to it you can give me a burger and fries, a bubble gum necklace and a beer and I’ll be good to go..tee he he. On a serious note, I guess I can appreciate the small things in life. Without the small things, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m fortunate that I have an amazing group of family and friends, I’ve been blessed with the ability to do my dream job and my health. I treasure the fact that I grew up with “hardly any money” because I was forced to work harder, longer and I’m grateful for everything I’ve accomplished. Today, it was the simple things that brought me to tears. My daughter is so thoughtful, so innocent and she has the biggest heart for one of the smallest 5 year olds I know.

With our help today she planned a surprise for both Greg and I. While Greg was at work, we went to work on her plan. She wanted to leave “clues” all through the house so when he arrived home he had to go to find his card…a home made card. After checking a few “hiding spots” she decided that she wanted to hide it in the Frig. Why? Because “Daddy loves Pepsi”!!! She went to work writing out all the Post-It notes on blue paper because “Daddy loves blue”. She strategically placed them throughout the house making a path leading up to the Frig. I sat back with a smile on my face while she ran around with a fire under her bum soo excited for “Daddy to find it”! She waited by the door for hours until he came home. I wish I were a writer so that I could express how it made my heart sing.

My Valentine’s day surprise was dinner and jewelry. She knows how I love Chinese (it’s my guilty pleasure)….so take out it was. She even put it on the good china–the paper plates :). Greg took her to Walmart, she picked out a card. And the best part of all was desert…………Reeses Cups! I had been speaking about laboratory diamonds by Green Diamonds for a while before Valentine’s Day and I think they both picked up on my hints! She and Greg got me a beautiful diamond necklace. Such a thoughtful and gorgeous gift that I will treasure forever.

So while everyone else was out spending tons of money on flowers that will die, dinner that will be digested and kisses that could be given any other day of the year…….I had clue writing adventures, giggles and laughs….and Reeses for desert! Don’t be hatin!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ DANGER: Her laughter is contagious!

This is just a larger version of what’s above….I just loved it!! You can see the notes down the hall into the kitchen. PS: I know I know, I still haven’t painted my walls. Did you read what I wrote above…..We’ve Been BUSY!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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