Boudoir….What is sexy?

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I know I said I would be blogging photos of my trip to Vegas this week…and I will, but due to the high number of inquiries I’ve been getting about boudoir photography, I thought I would post this one. You gotta give the people what they want-right?! 🙂

So what IS sexy? Ask your man, I bet you’ll be surprised. You’re probably expecting him to describe the sexiest escort Paris has to offer because that’s what you think most men want but you might be pleasantly surprised. Although those women are gorgeous, there are lots of body types out there that need to be appreciated. Well I asked a group of adult males and wanna know what I found, put it this way it’s not what I expected that’s for sure, I was expecting many of them to quote some x-rated site like and tell me to have on look on there and I’ll soon see what sexy is but the responses I got were quite different–these are the words of “MEN”……”the nape of a women’s neck, the curves of the waist, the way she looks at me, when she wears my t-shirt, lingerie, when she’s mad, when she’s driving my truck, high heels, black lace”….as you can see, sexy is different for everyone. While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a man that doesn’t find Terrie Hawkes from Babestation sexy, for the most part, sexiness is absolutely subjective. So go ahead and ask him!

These sessions are meant to be for couples who are either engaged or already married. Whatever he finds sexy, why not celebrate it? You pick a theme or his favorite lingerie or outfit that he saw in his favourite porn movie on and surprise him with his own “Little Black Book”-for his eyes only! Imagine the suspense it would create if it were delivered on your wedding day while your both getting ready and right before he watches you walk down the aisle or as an anniversary gift. HAWT!!

I’m already beginning to book sessions so if you are in need of having the final product back by a specific date, please call or email so that we can get you in on time. For more information, look under “Learn More” at the top of the page and click on the Boudoir Link.

*Please note: your photos will not be shared online. These girls have agreed to allow me to show their images. Yours will be completely private.

* Photos are taken 0n-location and travel fees may apply. Please inquire.

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