There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with bribing children with candy—chocolate more specifically! Tee he he

Although we were really there to take some baby belly photos of Mom, I think Roman and Mason stole the show!. As you can see, Lea and Brandon are “expecting again” with itty bitty #3 and since this will most likely be their last pregnancy they wanted to have it documented. Roman and Mason did sooooo well. I had a few tricks up my sleeves and they fell for them hook, line and sinker…muahh ha ha ha!!! Lea weeeerked it and the boys-including dad hammed it up!! HAHAHA!!

We walked all around Blairsville dodging rain drops, discovered wormies, played some football and bribed them with candy—hey sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!! 

Below is a short video and some photographs of today. I hope you enjoy!! PS: I think Elmo is stuck in my camera!! 🙂 

Hudson will be blessed to be brought into the world with a family like yours. I wish you nothing but the best……..and lots of chocolate!! 😉 You guys were awesome today—enjoy!!


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