One of my fondest memories growing up of my sister and I is from coloring Easter Eggs. Mom would place all the miss matched coffee cups on the kitchen table with wobbly legs. We’d  hear the whisle of the boiling pot go off and we’d race each other towards the kitchen to dig in the silverware drawer looking for the spoons so that we could dip them in without cracking the shell. We didn’t have any of that fancy stuff, no glitter, no stickers, no special tie-dying techniques….just some good old fashion food coloring and vinegar water…and maybe a few crayons. We’d double dog dare each other to take a drink of the water and after making a mess on the kitchen table we’d shove our faces full of eggs…………except she didn’t like the “balls in the middle” other wise known as the yolks. We fought ALLL the time–ask anyone that knew us growing up, I mean there’s the sisterly fights and then there were OUR fights….there was NO comparison—Trust me!!! But for some strange reason when we were sitting at the wobbly table in the kitchen in the trailer we grew up , I knew she loved me……how??? Because she gave me her yolks!!

As I think back on that story, I know my mom took photographs of the events and I find comfort in knowing that they are there if I want to reminisce and look through them……..but it’s just one photograph here and one photograph there…..not enough to tell the story. There’s nothing to document the stains on our fingers, the giggles that we shared and shortly after the drips of colored water were cleaned up and pieces of shells were off the floor….those moments were gone, they are still alive in my mind, but I want to be able to share them with my kids and grand-kids. Why do I tell you this??? I guess in some strange way, I’m sooooo grateful that I can give Mallory what my mom was never able to give me…….a storyboard of the events we do together. I encourage all of you parents out there to think a little more about the photos YOU take. Do you just take one or two…….or do you document the events so that they can be cherished together to tell a story??

I hope you enjoy these photographs of OUR family’s egg coloring days………………..and do you wanna know what I love about Mallory???…………She gives me her yolks!! 🙂

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