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Rich & Jamie { Just Because }

By April 10, 2010 One Comment

In a little more than 24 hours, Greg and I drove down and spent the night in Alexandria Virginia, woke up, met up with Jamie and her Hubs RICH (not Jim), caught the Metro into DC, walked ALLLL over DC, saw all the monuments, met up with a fellow photographer Mike Burns, broke a few branches, executed a tulip, saw the President fly over, taxied to the other side of town, ate at the cutest little restaurant for lunch, walked around some more and found some underground heat…tee he he, DISCOVERED SOME CHERRY BLOSSOMS, got dirty looks from the guy holding the machine gun, got back on the Metro, wrestled with the Metro Machine (not literally), almost got hit by a car, packed up our car, visited Old Town and hit the road to travel back to Blairsville!………ohh yeah, and took some pictures!!

We stayed here (Westin Alexandria Hotels) which was picked out for us by Jamie and Rich………yeah they have good taste. It was gorgeous! They took care of us while we were there too, I’ve gotta be honest with you, I’m from Blairsburg, small town USA so sometimes all the city stuff can get pretty confusing….Thank God they knew what they were doing! LOL  It was located a beautiful part of town near the historic surroundings of Alexandria, VA. Located in the exclusive Carlyle section of Old Town Alexandria. As a matter of fact on the way home Greg and I stopped to check out  Old Town ….SOOO SOO cute!!  It’s the third oldest historic district in the United States. The charming neighborhood contains more than 4,200 historic buildings dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, including homes, churches, museums, shops, small businesses and restaurants. We tried to get a cupcake from the cupcake shop, but they had sold out for the day…BOOO!!!

So your wandering, why did I travel clear to Virginia and shoot a session in the DC area??…..Well, because what the client wants, is what the client gets. I’ve mentioned before that I travel and  Jamie had contacted me a while ago to get some photographs taken of her and her hubby and they wanted them in DC around the time of the “Blooming of the Cherry Blossoms”. They’ve been married 3 years already and since there is no rule that says you can only have your photographs professionally taken for a special occasion, I do what I call “Just Because” Sessions. You know, the sessions that are “just for fun” or for not specific reason other than because you WANT to JUST BECAUSE! I shot these very similar to an engagement session and it was soooooo refreshing to see these guys interacting during the shoot. After 3 years of marriage they can still snuggle up to each other, hold hands while walking down the street and laugh at each other’s jokes!! When couples love each other….I mean REALLY love each other, this my friends makes my job so much easier!!  And Jamie worked it despite the negative 2313 degree windchill, the bright sun and the wind…OH MY GOD THE WIND!! It was REALLY bad at the Washington Monument.

We visited nearly every major monument in DC. For Greg, this was great because it was his first time to DC. So as we walked around, I caught him staring around in amazement. 🙂 I’ll agree with him when he says, the White House isn’t as big as you would think it would be…it’s kinda small relative to everything else around it. I really just want to thank you guys for being so hospitable towards us while we were down there. Rich, I mean Jim, I’m soooo sorry I was calling you by the wrong name. HAHA! And Jamie, I hope you cranked the heat up in the car and were able to get the comb thru your hair after all the wind! AND….I’m STILL laughing about the Polished “thingy majigger” that we happened across!! HAHAHA!!

Now can we please lower our heads for a moment of silence for the poor tulip I executed with my camera strap……and give thanks that I didn’t get a fine from the park ranger for snapping a baby branch…..haha!

I hope I’ve done you proud……….enjoy!!

 ………..and this photo was not taken on our photo-shoot excursion but I found it in Old Town and it made me smile 🙂 ………… so I thought I’d share! AND the other photo???? Well, that my friends is in memory of the Tulip that so tragically lost it’s life as my camera strap swung around it’s neck and cracked it’s head off of…..Moment of Silence!! HAHAHA

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  • Mike says:


    You take amazing pics and are very fun to shoot with. Thanks for letting Abby and I tag along for a few with Greg, Rich and Jamie.

    Keep the shutter clicking.


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