Vegas- Day 3-4-5

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So onto the next few days…the main reason I even went to Vegas in the first place was to  attend the WPPI Conference. So the next several days were spend doing “photography things” . To sum everything up (and trust me there is ALOT to sum up) I went to several great parties, met soo many kick ass people and had the opportunity to network with some of the best photographers in the industry and around the world!!  Holla!!

On Sunday, we went to the [b] School get together at Dos Caminos (The Palazzo). It was the kick off of the first official thing I pariticpated in at WPPI and it was there that I met the most amazing people who I hope I can say will be friends with for a long time!

 As a matter of fact, I was making friends with people before even touching foot in Vegas. Jen Otchy, contacted me to say hello after seeing my blog comment on Jasmine *’s website declaring that I was a newbie. She emailed me to say she was going to be new as well s0………. we met up in Vegas right before the party!! (Yayy to internet connections) I remember walking through the door thinking, “Man, this is going to be akward, I’m not going to know anyone” (YES, I was nervous–there I said it) Before I even had the chance to sit my booty down on the chair, Eric Farewell put his hand out and said, “Hello, I’m Eric and I need a drink” At which I immediately stuck my hand out and said “Hi, I’m Jen and I need 10!!” It was smooth sailing from there. He introduced us to his friend Aric Becker (who had no voice at the time..hahaha)–whom we ended up spending alot of time with thru the rest of the week—thanks for putting up with us Becker!! Meanwhile, Greg was chilling over in the corner talking with some other guys, I looked over and realized he was sitting among some of my favorite photographers. I think I almost peed myself because he had NO IDEA who he was talking to. I sent him a text like a 13 year old girl asking him if he knew who he was talking to, he looked up and gave me that, “chh-yeah, I know!” look! From that day on, anytime they ran into him in the hall, they were BFF’s hahaha 

I was told that WPPI would open up opportunities and change my life forever as a photographer–after that party, I believed it whole heartedly and I hadn’t even been to the platform classes yet. (cue the cheesy music) You bet I won’t be missing it next year—not for anything!

If you happen to be a regular reader, you may remember my New Years Resolution- to only surround myself by those who want the best for me no matter their own situation. In only a short few months I have been able to shake the Crabs in the Bucket…. you know– as one crab starts to climb out, the other crabs would drag it right back down into the bottom of the bucket. There’s no escape to life back in the ocean. This goes on and on until all of the crabs end up in the steamer……for me, WPPI was the journey back to the ocean!!  Man, I love my job!! 🙂

 I attended so many amazing platform classes by Jasmine Star, Audrey Woulard, Jim Garner, Marcus Bell, Daniel Doke, Doug Gordon, Kay Eskridge, Kirk Voclain just to name a few, but my favorite and most impiring by far was the class given by Justin & Mary. I think it was because I could relate to her story.  It was so refreshing to hear that through all their struggles they were able to achieve their dreams.  I left their class so inspired and with soo many incredible ideas.  I could babble on and on about the opportunities that I have been given because of WPPI and about the wealth of knowledge I came away with and the connections I have made, but I will leave  you with these images. If you are in the photography business, you may recognize some of these faces, if you’re not, take my word for it….these guys/gals…….are AMAZING!! The majority of these photos were taken at Photographers Ignite and others here or there during the conference. You will notice the long lines to get into some of the classes—total craziness-but totally worth it!

Photographers in the below photographs include:

Ace Cuervo 
Amy Parrish
The Becker
Carolyn Wells
Craig Strong
David Jay

Doug Gordon
Gustavo Fernandez
Jed Taufer
Jerry Ghionis
Jessica Claire
Jules Bianchi and Joy Bianchi Brown
Katie Trujillo
Kevin Kubota
Khara Plicanic
Mike Steelman
Riz Crescini
Sarah Petty
Scott Bourne
Vicki Taufer

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