I walked in there looking a “hot mess”…..and she was sitting on the chair getting her make up did looking all cute! LOL

Back in March, the Blairsville Majorette’s held a public performance at which several local businesses (roughly 50 give or take) donated items to be raffled off. I participated in the raffle as well and they grouped myself with Fantastic Sam’s and Valerie Brown a Mary Kay beauty consultant for a “Make-Over Package”. People could purchase tickets and then place the tickets in the bucket for the basket they wanted to win. Miss Jillian won our basket!! I found out from talking to Mom that she too put tickets in and her Dad also put tickets in because they both knew how badly she wanted to win! AWWW!! I think it’s important to mention that Jillian has recently JUST got her braces off after two LONG years…..so she was ready to break out her new smile and what better way than to look faaaabulous for her photos!! 😉

I met up with Jillian at Fantastic Sam’s yesterday after school and like I mentioned above she was getting beautified! Valerie was doing her make up and Anna from Fantastic Sam’s made her hair look all purrrrdy! The poor guy sitting next to her getting a trim looked on in amazement as Anna sprayed almost a whole can of hairspray on her hair…it wasn’t going ANYWHERE!! We promptly told him, “it ain’t easy being beautiful!” And, I looooved the fact that they were jamming out to 90’s music–took me right back to the 8th grade!! lol

After her mini makeover, I got to do a photo-shoot. THIS girl was glowing! I asked her if she had practiced…tee he he!! We finished just in time to get her to majorette practice and we even had enough time for Mom and her sister Becca to get their head-shots as well. Jill, you are gorgeous with your new smile…..holla!! 😉

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  • Val Brown says:

    Jen–Your work is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jillian looks fabulous, and you caught some really fun, beautiful shots. I’m celebrating my 32nd wedding anniversary tomorrow, but if I were a bride-to-be, I’d sure choose you to be my wedding photographer!!! I will definitely recommend you! Thank you for featuring me in your video. I appreciate that very much.

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