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We met about a year ago via Facebook through one of my long life friends Nicole–gotta love technology! Several months later, I found myself on the way to Pittsburgh to shoot their engagement session at the Cathedral of Learning. You may remember the blog *here* from back in August. I’ve hung out with them a few times in between when I traveled back down to Pittsburgh to shot Nicole & Joe’s E-session and I blogged about that *here*.  So by the time the wedding rolled around, I already had a great sense of their personalities……..which was right up my alley! I think at one point during the Dollar Dance at the reception, she looked over at me exhausted from dancing with so many people, reached over took a drink and then said, “Mamma’s gotta go back and make her money”!!! HAHAHA!

Nikki looked gorgeous, I mean check out her makeup! A good friend of hers is a makeup artist…and let me say, he’s fantastical!! I mean she was beautiful to begin with but WOW she looked stunning! If anyone is interested in the skills of her friend, contact me and I can get you his information. He only does it exclusively, so he pretty hard to get!! 🙂

This was the first wedding, I witnessed the toast with a German Wedding Cup. During Nicole’s brother’s speech, he talked a bit about his trip to Germany and the Brides request to bring them home the toasting cup. The story is quite fascinating. You can read more about it *here*.

“To many couples in Germany and neighboring European countries, the chalice remains a symbol of love, faithfulness and good luck. The cup is used during the wedding toast traditionally given by the best man. Holding it upside down so that the skirt can be used a cup, champagne or another beverage is first poured into the hollow skirt and then into the small swiveling cup underneath. The bride takes the smaller cup in hand while the groom holds the larger cup. The wedding couple simultaneously raise the cup to their lips to drink. If they drink without spilling a drop, they are ensured of a loving, faithful union with a lifetime of good luck.”

It’s pretty typical that I tear up at least once during the wedding day. On this particular day, it was during the speech Nicole gave. Since their wedding was on Memorial Day weekend, she not only recognized her best friends dad who had recently passed away and couldn’t be there but also the veterans that had served. They stood and the room filled with applause! It was simply amazing!

 Lately, I’ve been soooo extremely lucky with the dance crowds. In all honestly, I do a little prayer before each reception that there will be people on the dance floor…… me, I wasn’t disappointed for this one! At one point, the guys were in their white tanks, flipping, jumping and dancing up a storm. Their guests were pretty RAD!! haha!!

During the portrait session John asked me, “Hey….will we be on your blog??” Here you go John!! I hope your having an amazing time on your honeymoon 🙂  Hollla!!! 🙂

 Enjoy your sneek peak!



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