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I was thrilled to be part of Matt and Caylan wedding….it may have been of the most humid days of the year BUT it was filled to the brim with laughter, love and fun. I feel so fortunate that many of the weddings that I photograph come as referrals from happy wedding couples with whom I’ve worked with in the past. Matt and Caylan found us through a couple that I fell in love with a couple years ago (April 2008), Adam & Andrea McGraw….and they lived up to their legacy on the dance floor at this wedding as well!!! 🙂

 I notice things….it’s what I do. I get paid to “notice things” that maybe the average person wouldn’t “see”. This comes in handy at the weddings I’m shooting because I pay close attention to body language, how the bride and groom interact with each other and sometimes even what they are saying. Normally, I tell the bride and groom to just talk to each other while I get my settings/adjustments ready in camera. Sometimes they stand there not knowing what to say or look at each other like, “ok what do we do now” and it’s my job to direct them in order to create a loving/romantic/fun photograph. This time around-that wasn’t the case and I welcomed it with open arms. There wasn’t a moment filled with silence, if I wasn’t directing them on how to stand, etc. Matt was staring at his bride and telling her how gorgeous she was. It melted my heart. I LOOOOOVED watching the love between the two of them yesterday 🙂 Some people get married as a production for friends and family and some people get married because of LOVE. These guys definitely chose the latter! I also believe that the people you choose to be in your wedding party, help set a mood/tone for the day. I knew stepping into this wedding that there’d be alot of the same people at Matt & Caylan’s that there were from Adam & Andrea’s…………………I’m actually speechless—–those guys knew how to GET DOWN!!! They dropped it like it’s hot, shook their money makers and rump shakers/boo-tay’s, showed off what their momma gave them….OMG it was hilarious!! I think at one point they were doing the “jump rope” on the dance floor! I’m thinking that 5 Hour Energy Drink did it’s job!! LOL

 Thank You so much for having me spend the day with you guys, I wish you nothing but happiness. Take lots of photos in Jamaica!!! I give you Mr. & Mrs. Neil……..enjoy your sneak peek!  🙂

PS: They may not be in any particular order-forgive me! 🙂

Ceremony: St. Thomas More University Parish in Indiana, Pa
Reception: Novosel Center in Indiana, PA
DJ: Brian Wolfe DJ Services

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