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Max & Nick | Blairsville, PA Photography | { Kids }

By July 27, 2010 2 Comments

I’m told these two spend A-L-O-T of time at the ball fields…so that’s where we went for our session…after all, it’s where they can be themselves!!! Mom contacted me about a month ago and we finally found a date that would match up with my busy shooting schedule and the boys busy baseball schedule.

I’m clearly hilarious….as they laughed the entire way through the shoot. Let me re-phrase….they were laughing AT me the entire shoot! Mom told me the last time they had their photos professionally taken was about 5 years ago at a chain store. As they were running around the field with ball and bat in hand she looks at me and says, “Can you imagine them sitting still in a studio?” I just laughed because I hear that all the time. When children (no matter what age) are told to “sit and smile” you almost NEVER capture the REAL THEM. Instead you get frustrated kids, frustrated parents and a bunch of crappy photos to choose from. If I had told these quite active guys to sit still and smile…I would have never gotten the Wet Willy photo………nor would I have had a chance to play my sucky music!! Tee he he! As I was trying to set my I-Pod for music, I go, “Do you guys like Black Eyed Peas?” They go, ” No I only like the Green ones!!” I died laughing and they……well….they thought I was weird! Man do I feel old!! LOL

Lee Ann, it was so nice to finally meet you in person and honestly, your boys were the most cooperative, polite little men!! Even if I have sucky music!! LOL

Enjoy these photos while I’m working on the rest! 🙂


  • Jean Smith says:

    Awesome photos! I love that they were goofing around and picking on each other. However, what makes me sad is that his shirt says class of 2016! That means the year I graduated he was in kindergarten!

  • Leslie says:

    Your work is so amazing and so inspiring too me! Thank you for sharing your awesome work

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