Julie | Blair County, PA Photography | { Seniors }

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I’m flattered that this little lady drove from Blair County just to have me photograph her Sr. Photos. We spent Tuesday evening together so she could WERK it in front of the camera. Typically, it takes Sr.’s a while to warm up and feel comfortable with me pointing a camera all up in their BID-NESS….but as soon as Julie stepped out of the car, she had this cheerful step in her bounce and she was “ready to to this”!

It kinda helps that she’s been a dancer for 12 years and in band for 5 years-I mean she’s use to being in front of large crowds so little old me (ok NOT so little old me) was no big deal. As a matter of fact, she busted out some dance moves about halfway thru the session after she stole her sisters I-POD, that footage will be seen in a future post…….but for now, enjoy your sneak peek.

You were great to work with, a natural in front of the camera….and Mom and Sis weren’t so bad either 🙂 Thanks again for driving all that way to come see me, I hope I’ve made your drive worth while and that you didn’t have to many nightmares about your experience!! Tee he he

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