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Jen McKen: Table 5 | Raystown, PA Photography | { Personal }

By August 2, 2010 4 Comments

I was a guest!! I attended a wedding solely as a guest without having any obligations to photographing anything except what my little heart desired!! So THAT’S what it feels like to sit back and watch the photographer run around like a ninja during the ceremony and reception??? 🙂 Tee he he

Greg’s cousin was married this past Sunday at Raystown Resort with a quaint ceremony near the lake. Greg was the best man so he too was on the flip side of the coin all dressed up with a purple bow tie…HAHAHA!! 

 Normally he’s bald, but he decided to try a new look….I’ll let you be the judge….I’m thinking he kinda looks better with hair!! 🙂

Of course we had to have our family photo taken…….

…..and I did bust out my camera a few times only to photograph Greg and Mallory on the dance floor. She is such a daddy’s girl!!

The next wedding I get to have fun at will be my best friend Nicole Steetle’s next year (I’m a bridesmaid-What What??)……..and I’ll warn you now, I am not responsible for my own actions at her wedding 🙂 BAHAHAHA!!


  • Amanda says:

    Whoa! You’re living my dream! What was it like? I feel like I would have to fight the urge to offer to help – not even shooting – just holding stuff, dress fluffing, etc. I dunno…

  • jen mcken says:

    Ha! Well, it was a friend of mine shooting because Jason (the Groom) wanted me to enjoy myself at the wedding. I will admitt, it was really hard not to be Uncle Bob…er Aunt Bobbet! Tee he he

  • Nicole Steetle says:

    I expect you to be in rare form and having a ball! I can’t wait!!

  • Sydney says:

    enjoyed looking at your work and love reading your soind like my kind of gal..great humor and KIND!!! :+)

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