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By September 27, 2010 One Comment

Getting ready……..

They always seem to be some of my favorite photos of any wedding day. There is something so serene about a bride when she’s putting on her earrings, I love the anticipation of the bride getting all “beautified” for her man, I love how the bridesmaids gush over how gorgeous she looks, I love the look on her father’s face when he sees her for the very first time….I love it all! 

My advice to future brides, allow lots of time for your photographer to hang out with you and the girls while you’re getting ready. Because if you’re anything like me, these may be some of your favorite shots of the day!  Katie got ready at the Johnstown, Holiday Inn, where her reception was being held. They got the bridal suite which allowed for lots of room to move around and *gasp* lost of natural light………Gahhhhh, I love it!

Katie….go ahead, you can say it, YOU’RE HAWT!

One Comment

  • Jony Doak says:

    You’ve captured this family perfectly…They are goin’ to have a really hard time choosing which ones they want…hey, just take them all. You’ll be glad that you did.
    xoxo—Da Doaks

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