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They got out of the car and ……ALL……A-L-L. of them had smiles on their faces. They were in a good mood, so I knew it was going to be a breeze! You see, if kids show up with pouty faces, it’s usually a good indication that they aren’t in the best mood–I’m clearly a genius, I know! LOL

So off we went to start the session and I was right….the kiddo’s (and mom and dad) were GREAT! The best thing (no pun intended) is that since we aren’t in a studio OR on a time frame, if the kiddo’s wanted to stop of pick up some pine cones or apples…no big deal. So that’s just what we did. 🙂

These guys were in from Michigan for the weekend to celebrate CeCi and Tyson’s birthday. Tyson’s turning the 0-n-e and Ceci will be three! They are almost EXACTLY two years apart…..with birthdays within 2 days of each other. So while they were home, they scheduled a shoot. I have to so say, I’m kinda flattered that they waited to come to PA to have their family photos taken when they could have easily had them taken in Michigan… thank you for having faith in me! 🙂 I hope I’ve done you proud (I said that with my country accent!! LOL)

Enjoy your sneak peek! I’ve been looking for a chance to use these templates…..these photos are perfect for them!! Enjoy!

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