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By December 22, 2010 2 Comments

Eeeeek, Christmas is now only a few days away! I have to tell ya, I’m not sure that the holidays would be as much “FUN” if it weren’t for having Miss Mallory. I’ve always said, I feel like an old soul but that I’m a kid at heart. Being my age and “being a kid at heart” people tend to look at you wierd….but not if you have an excuse, you know, like having a 6 year old kid. I SWEAR, I colored all those pages, danced around the room in rediculous outfits and watched cartoons ALL day … because Mallory wanted to!! HAHAHA

Anyways! Since Christmas is only a few days away, I know there are slackers out there-don’t worry, we still haven’t written a letter to Santa yet. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Frisbee will take it with him to the North Pole tonight to give to Santa….. SOOOO, I thought I would share just a few of my favorite websites that provide personalized messages for the kiddos (or those of us that are kids at heart) that you still have time to do before the fat man comes! Although there are lots of services out there that cost money to use, all of the ones listed below are FREE.

You may know of some others…and if you do, please leave the website and info in the comments below.  I hope you’ve found these fun and I’d love to hear how about your kiddo’s reaction. Stop on by and leave me a comment!  I’ve provided the links below OR you can simply click on the photos and they will take you directly to the websites.


The first one is from Santa will call YOU. You can simply log on and after agreeing with the terms and agreements, it literally takes 30 seconds to send your kids (or anyone else–I sent one to EVERYONE..tee he he)  a quick phone call. But be ready, it sends the phone call immediately after you hit submit! 🙂

 The Second one is from Santa will send your kiddo a personalized video message.  With just a few clicks, this technological marvel will let your loved ones receive a personal message from Santa Claus, sent directly from his village in the North Pole.


Here’s another free video that you can send. This one is from Canada. You send a magical card to the North Pole and Santa will send back a video message.


You can also track where Santa is by using the official NORAD Santa Tracker. Now you can even Track Santa from your mobile phone. This Christmas eve, join NORAD to track Santa’s flight from your phone. On December 24th, open Google Maps for mobile and do a search for “Santa” to see his latest location.


If you haven’t done this yet…here’s something that’s ALWAYS fun from Jib Jab (not only for Christmas, but also for any other holiday) . Go elf yourself….or your kids, or your spouse or your co-workers. I did this once for the office……..and trust me, there were TONS of laughs.

 So there ya have it. I know there is probably a few that I’ve left out. So like I mentioned about, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. AND feel free to share this with your friends. Click on the facebook icon below 🙂  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  • Stephanie Moore says:

    Oh my goodness, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing. Nicholas loved getting a call from Santa. 🙂

  • Julz says:

    OMISH — make sure you save this & share it next year — i just seen this blog & this wld b sooo much fun!!!!

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