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 It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that it feels like just yesterday that I was standing outside on one of the most beautiful days photographing their outdoor wedding ceremony in front of the lake. The soothing sound of an acoustic guitar was playing off to the left, birds were chirping, a small breeze was coming off the water and LOOOOOOOVE was in the air.  Fast forward, roughly 2 years I’m walking up the sidewalk to their (cutest ever) stone house to photograph their newest addition… Zane!! LOOOOOVE is in the air!!! I was greeted at the door by Brewski. He wanted to check me out before allowing me anywhere near the baby…after passing his inspection, he was just a little teddy bear. I have a feeling he and baby Zane are going to be good friends!!

 Mike had emailed me before Christmas to purchase a newborn session as a Christmas gift for Kelly. I created an ornament for him to present to her and I’m told she found it at the bottom of her stocking. It’s an honor when past clients call me back to photograph and document the important milestones in their lives. It really is the best compliment ever!

I photographed baby Zane in his nursery which came in handy for the impromptu diaper change,  feedings and mommy cuddles. Little man did a fantastic job for his first photo shoot, he cooed, he batted his little eye lashes, he was adorable. Mike and Kelly, the little family you have created is absolutely beautiful and I wish you all nothing but health and happiness…..and babies-lots of babies!!!


I will preach (as a mom) until the cows come home about the importance of the newborn portraits. When Mallory was delivered via c-section it was an emergency to say the least. The doctors held her up for roughly 30 seconds so that I could see her in my half groggy state of mind before she was placed in her incubator and then flown to Pittsburgh where she would stay in the NICU for roughly 2 months. The ONLY newborn photographs I have of her are with tubes and tape all over her body. I do have the one the hospital provided which literally (in their defense, they had no time to spare) looked as if she was a lifeless and it was printed out on computer paper. Not photo paper-computer paper. That my friends, is the image I will forever have engraved in my mind when I think of *MY* child’s newborn photographs. So as you can see, I will preach until the cows come home about the importance of the newborn portraits.

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