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By April 11, 2011 One Comment

Let me start off by saying…..WOW!! I knew I would have a decent amount of entries for the Prom Paparazzi Contest-I typically do when I run any type of contest/give away, but I had no idea I’d get the response I got when running THIS contest and get such a wide spectrum of absolutely talented teens. After talking with several other vendors after the contest was up and running, I do believe this will be an annual thing. I have other vendors that want to contribute next year making it even bigger!!!

There were those of you making “facebook events” inviting friends to vote for you, I saw some tweets coming across, students were going to school recruiting friends to hop on and vote (after school of course!!! lol) and one mom told me she was calling friends and relatives all over the country to get on and vote….impressive!! The number ONE thing that impressed me more than ANY OTHER THING…. was the awesome sportsmanship with the girls! I happened to be on late one night and saw that several of the girls were voting for each other and writing such positive encouraging things under everyone’s photos……my heart smiled!! There obviously had to be only one winner ( I can’t be 8 places at once) but I truly want everyone to know that they are amazingly talented and for you to be THAT talented in high school—you all are going to do amazing things one day! I didn’t start to notice my talent until I was almost finished with college so you are already many steps ahead of the game. I can tell you from experience, if you take what you love to do and find a way to make money at it….you will never work a day in your life! Just remember me when you’all become famous one day….little ol’me in Blairsville!!! 🙂

With all of that said, I would like to formally announce the winner-Haley!! Not only is she absolutely beautiful, she is an amazing artist. She came in with 384 votes. Amazing right?!! I can’t wait to see her all glammed from Chestnut Ridge Resort and Spa and her beautiful flowers being provided by The Flower Gallery up on May 6th. WOOO!!! Keep at eye out for her photos at the beginning of May!!

I couldn’t let one other person go without being recognized! Emily didn’t go down without a fight with more than 340 votes and  I would LOVE to offer Emily a mini session on her prom day including a disc of the images-May 20th. I’ll arrive at your house (or location of your choice) and we can do a mini fashion session in your prom dress. You too will get to “work it” for the camera!!

I want to thank Chestnut Ridge Resort and Spa and The Flower Gallery for your generosity in making this contest possible and all the gals who participated. I’m not sure I can begin to describe how amazingly talented you all are. Please share some of your photos with me from prom because I’d love to share them on my blog for all of us that want to live vicariously through you!! LOL  I can’t wait to make it even bigger and better next year!

One Comment

  • chris says:

    beautiful girls! And Yay to you Jen – for running such an awesome contest… nothing but positive goodness… just like you!

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