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breakfast with santa | chestnut ridge resort | blairsville, pa photographer

By December 4, 2011 6 Comments

I think even Chestnut Ridge staff was in awe at how many people came out to the Breakfast with Santa this morning! I’m blown away. I know when I arrived to set up they had “sold out” at around 215 people….somehow we ended up with quite a few more than that! I’d say it was a success. I saw alot of you today and although I didn’t have the time to walk around and chat with everyone, please know that we truly appreciate you coming out and spending the morning with Santa!

I noticed that there are 3 types of kids. You have your “I can’t wait to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him about EVERYTHING I want for Christmas” kinda kid. Then you have your ” I’m not so sure about this, but I’ll give it a try” kinda kid. AND THEN you have your “I don’t think so, don’t even THINK about putting me on that strange man’s lap” kinda kid. I witnessed all three! Don’t digress…..there was a point that Mallory wouldn’t go near anyone wearing a red suit. One time she ran from a man in a red coat because she thought we were going to try to put her on his lap. I had to stand several feet away from Santa just to get him in the background for the first few years. NOW, her and Santa are BFF’s. BUT….Either way, I tried to photograph the reactions of the kiddo’s today. One day they will be priceless……even if they are bawling their heads off. Tee he he!

Thank you again to everyone who ventured out. I hope you made a few memories!  Everyone left with full bellies, a cookie they got to decorate at the cookie station, goody bag from Santa and a free 5×7 of themselves with the Jolly Man in the red suit! I hope you had a wonderful was so great to see so many of you return again from last year!

Although, I probably photographed close to 100 cuties, I thought I’d pull out a few random photos to show on the blog….I hope they bring a smile to your face like they did me!!!  Enjoy!!

ohh and for those of you who may be interested in the “pull back” back…here it is via my wonderful Iphone-that’s Greg!!



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