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Update: This class is currently SOLD OUT. If you would like to be put on the waiting list OR you would be interested in taking a future class, please email and I will make sure you get any and all future information. 🙂


<cue the dramatic music> hahaha!!

You asked….and asked…..and asked… here it is. A beginners class for those of you who just got a brand spankin new fancy sh-mancy camera over the holidays and you want to learn to take better pictures of your kids/family. OR as in some of the emails I’ve received, for the camera that you’ve had for a while but it intimidates you. Please note: if you are an advanced shooter-this class will not be for you! 

Maybe your itty bitty is starting to crawl/walk and you can’t seem to get them to sit still for more than a few seconds, is your high school-er involved in sports and you want to take awesome shots of them running, jumping, tackling?….or maybe you’re just going out with your friends and the pictures look GREAT on the back of the camera but you get them home and they look blurry on the computer screen. I’m not going to teach you how to save the world, I won’t give you the answers to global warming….but I will help you not to miss another special moment do to (Dunn Dunn Dunnnnnn) Camera Blur. And I promise, you’ll probably have a few laughs….mostly likely at my expense.

You aren’t going to walk away from this class prepared to shoot weddings and you certainly won’t walk away being prepared to work for National Geographic but you will walk away a little bit overwhelmed with information with some tips and trick for knowing how to take better pictures of your kids/grandkids/family. I know you aren’t going to be an expert-I mean it took me YEARS to learn everything, but my goal is for you to take better photos of your family, understand more about your camera and for you to understand why your photos are (or WERE) blurry  so that you can fix them and take AWESOME family pictures….or perhaps better vacation photos!! 🙂

I also want you to keep in mind that everyone may come with different cameras. Some may have a more advanced point and shoot while others may have a DSLR (with interchangeable lenses) so I will have to try to teach down the middle.  But that is why I’m giving you homework before class. ahhhhhh……I know I know, you’re going to hate me…but I need you to read thru your manual. I need you to have a general understanding about YOUR camera and then we’ll jump a little more into detail during class. I’m also going to ask each of you to provide 1 major thing you want to learn how to do so that I can try to plan the class around what you want to learn. If more of you want to learn about one thing over another, then maybe we can spend more time in that area.

We’ll go over shutter speeds, aperture, (and how they work together), shooting techniques, lighting tricks, white balance, camera accessories, we’ll talk about your camera’s capabilities and when you should use them, exactly what are those pictures on your dials and what do they mean ….among a ton of other things!

Now I keep calling it a class-and it certainly will be, but I really want there to be open dialog and discussion. In other words, I’m only taking 5-6 people so that we can have a small group feel. It will be held at my small scale studio so we can sit around and “chat” in less of a classroom style-more of a conversation style. I don’t want to feel like I’m talking AT you, I want to be talking TO you.

So if that sounds like it’s up your alley, here are the deets….say it with me now “NO MORE BLUR”!

**Please note: there must be 6 people in order for the class to happen as scheduled.

WHEN: Saturday, Feb 4th

WHERE: @ Jen’s small scale studio in Blairsville, PA. You would be responsible for transportation and hotel if you are traveling from out of town. Address will be provided upon payment received.

TIME: 9-2pm 

COST: $150 per person (plus tax)

Lunch: c’mon you know you’re wondering about the food.  How does Italian sound?

Spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. To secure your spot, you will be required to click the “reserve your seat here” link below. Please feel free to email or call with any questions.

Update: This class is currently SOLD OUT. If you would like to be put on the waiting list OR you would be interested in taking a future class, please email and I will make sure you get any and all future information. 🙂

*Reserve Your Seat Here*

…..and because every post is better with a picture. Here is an image from my trip to Ireland this past October. 🙂

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