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By January 25, 2012 3 Comments

With all the newest craze over Pinterest– I’m officially addicted. I blame Pinterest both for my many hours of procrastination AND for so many awesome ideas I would have never been able to think of myself both in my professional and personal life. I mean, I found so many ideas to make me look like I”m Martha Stewart! So whether you are a photographer or a blogger or you own a website of any kind, you are probably curious as to which photos of yours are being “pinned”….I was! After a lunch date with my photog friend Amanda (hayyyy Amanda!) she let me in on a little secret which I have since then seen on lots of other photography blogs so I thought I would share the love incase you didn’t already know!

Here’s how you find out what images of yours have been pinned. Simply type the following into your url: (insert your website name without the www.)
For Example:

It will show you all of your images that have been pinned. I did this the other day and was pleasantly surprised by some very kind people..and their comments.  Seriously, would this have not made YOUR day!? Angela Dunn….you are so sweet!



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