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picking a meaningful engagement photo location

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snowy farm engagement photos | marion center, pa|  rural pennsylvania farm country


I ask every couple the same question when we talk about scheduling their engagement photos;

“Is there a place/location that has a lot of meaning to you-even if it has no meaning to anyone else?”

I try my best to customize each couples experience because I want the images to be meaningful.  I think we sometimes get caught up on “what to wear” or “how to style our hair” but we don’t think enough about choosing a location or activity that says a lot about who we are as a couple. These are the images that you will get to point at some day and tell a story about. Your grandkids will be sitting on your lap and you will be able to point to the image and tell them the story about how you had your first kiss here, or you had your first date there or <insert any other meaningful moment>. It may not be a trendy location, it may not even be what someone else would choose… but I’d take authenticity over trendy any day! Remember, these images aren’t just for you…..they are for “them”.

Other reasons to pick a location that means a lot:

  • It’s most likely a location you’re comfortable in so you’re more likely to “be yourself”. I know guys don’t LOOOOVE to have their photos taken but if we’re doing something/some where they love, they’re more likely to loosen up!
  • It helps me (the photographer) get to know you as a person. I get a sense for your personality and vibe.
  • I get to shoot in new locations which means my creativity juices are flowing. After I shoot in the same place over and over again, I start to feel stifled as an “artist”. Getting to shoot in a new location always makes me excited which means you’re more likely to get more creative shots! Your photos won’t look like everyone else’s!
  • On  your wedding day, we often don’t have 1.5-2 hours to solely photograph bride and groom photos-your quests would be waiting FOREVER, but during and engagement session we get to devote that entire time on just the two of you!

How did they choose their location?
After reading thru their questionnaire about how they met, what they loved to do together and chatting with her about where she might want to have them done….we decided that Isaacs family farm was the perfect location!
Not only will they be moving into a home on that very property, but they had spent so much time together “growing up” on that farm. We photographed them all around the property and I love that after the landscape may change, the home renovations take place, and things grow they’ll be able to remember what it looked like “way back then!”.


We showed animals at the Indiana County Fair together from the time we were 10 years old.


What did you notice first about each other when you first met?

We were tiny and dorky. Braces and everything.



We liked to be outside. We both LOVE animals including cows, pigs, and I love lambs and I know we have always been able to bond over working in the barn or going to jackpot shows. We like to go spotting in the fall and summer. Isaac likes farming on his parents farm but sometimes it is more work than a hobby.

Our favorite thing to do is going on road trips to jackpot shows and cattle sales.



Isaac and I pick pumpkins and have a carving contest every year. We get the pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch. We just finished dinner with Isaac’s grandma and we were headed home and I begged to pick pumpkins. He said he had planned on doing that also that nigh. (I had been begging for 2 weeks) It was dark so I had my phone flashlight on. I was aggressively stomping on a vine to get it detached from the pumpkin and Isaac said “Look at this one!” When I turned around, he was down on one knee with the most amazing ring I had ever seen. I wouldn’t have been able to pick out a more beautiful ring.



ISAAC!!!! We had been friends for a while before we started dating and he said he loved me shortly after we started dating. We were in my driveway he was dropping me off at my house (because I didn’t even have my drivers license yet…)





Describe each other using 3 words:

Isaac describing Emilie- “goodie-two- shoes”

Emilie describing Isaac- Life of the party




1. in Emilie’s family Isaac is known by a few names: Merv and  Newton

2. has a large obsession with cattle

3.  weirdly good at voice-overs on snap-chat


1. Scared of everything basically

2. Deathly afraid of vomiting!!!!!

3.  Isaac gave me a mini-donkey for our 5-year anniversary her name is Aspen




Last hunting season Isaac took me hunting and put me in a spot that “basically guaranteed” a buck. the biggest buck came out in front of me, but there were 3 trees blocking my view of it so i never even saw it. Isaac was 10 yards from me and shot it instead…




1. cheesecake

2. cows

3.  phone


1. phone

2. talking to my mom 1,000 times a day to update her on what I am doing…

3. sweets



Isaac + Emilie…I can not wait to work with you guys in November! Girl you are going to be absolutely adorable!!! <3 <3