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is there anything in my teeth? | southwestern, pa photographer

By February 7, 2012 3 Comments

Hayyyyyyy!!!!!  I am preparing to head out to Seattle, Washington for a few days which means I may not have access to my computer/email as much as I usually do from Thursday, February 9th-Monday, February 13th. I’ll be checking in periodically but I really just want to take these few days and really soak everything in.

I’m so exited…can you feel it oozing thru all of the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in the process of packing for Seattle for CreativeLIVE to learn from the oh-so-talented boudoir photographer Christa Meola…in person….live…in the studio! Eeeek!! For those of you who may be reading this who are NOT photographers, and may not get why I’m so excited:
#1  I was chosen to be a part of this.
#2  It’s CreatieLIVE! They provide the best creative education on the web for photographers – for FREE – and is broadcast LIVE, available for anyone around the world to watch in realtime. Isn’t that crazy awesome? Yes even YOU can watch from your own home.
#3  It’s Christa Meola..duh!! She is on a mission to empower women to adore their bodies and will be showing us all of the tricks and trends for shooting boudoir with our own clients. AND I LOOOOOVE her laugh!! just sayin!
#4  I’ve been given the chance to learn all kinds of goodness to bring back for all of you small town girls who still want the big city glamorous experience!
#5  I get to meet some awesome other photographers and spend 3 whole days with them! WOOT!
#6  My friend Aric Becker and fellow photographer (yo Aric!) lives out in the Seattle area and I get to hang out with him and his wife the day before. WHAT WHAT. They are going to show me around. I haven’t gotten to hang out since last year at WPPI when we tried to take a bunch of embarrassing photos of each other with our cell phones inconspicuously. I do believe I won!
#7  I have never been to Seattle and I love to travel so why not!  I’m going to be a tourist..and I may or may not take touristy photos. Don’t hate!
#8  It’s a change of scenery…sometimes creatively, you just need rejuvenated!
#9  Mallory is excited to see Mommy on the computer.
#10 I’m just a small town girl who is living her dream of being a photographer and so many opportunities have opened up since I stopped making excuses and decided to just “do it”.

So can you blame a girl for doing the “happy dance” all around the room with a messy high pony tail,  in her sweat pants and fuzzy socks!?

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to blog while I’m out on the West Cost (I was trying to sound fancy) but I will certainly be updating my Instagram the entire time. If you don’t have an Iphone but you still want to check out some of the “touristy” photos I’ll be snapping along the way, you can now view them on my fan page! Just look under my profile photo for the Instagram Icon. They will be streaming right there as well!

Are you interested in seeing the workshop LIVE-for free? Go sign up at CreativeLIVE. Just click on the “enroll” button in the middle of the page. You can chat live during the workshop and ask questions as well. For those of you who will be watching from home….send me lots of positive thoughts so I don’t say or do something stupid!  ohhh, and will someone tweet me to let me know if I have anything in my teeth? tee he he


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  • Monique says:

    Omg have so much fun!!! I have entered to win a chance to be in with Sue Bryce. Fingers crossed for me! I will be watching this Boudoir workshop live at home. This is going to be awesome! You won’t see me, but I will see you Friday! 🙂 Wow that sounded creepy lol

  • isaiah says:

    Yay for Jen McKen. I can’t wait to see you on TV and I will be looking for you at WPPI!

  • shawna says:

    i’ll be tuning in, you can bet! and if you guys go on any photo walks, i’ll try my hardest to be there or be square. :O) you’re going to love the CL team!!

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