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Earlier in the week we lost our power! An April snow storm moved in (Welcome to PA) and as a result there were a few accidents which left us without power for most of the day. At first I thought, “GRRRRREAT, there goes a day of work!” as most of my “work” is done on the computer….which requires electricity. But as the time passed, I realized that it was kind of nice to have an excuse to avoid “working” for the day. Yes, I could have done some of it from my iphone but I have self diagnosed “fat finger syndrom” which leads me to make a lot of auto correct mistakes—which often lead to embarrassment! haha!

I’m a work-a-holic, I’ll be the first to admit it, BUT because I LOVE what I do, I don’t really consider it work. It’s enjoyable and I don’t resent the fact that I have lots of do. BUT………as I started to think about it,  I had done A LOT of traveling over the past few months. I mean, one week I’d be here and then the next week I was flying there. It was the first time that I realized that DAMN, I’ve been on the go-go-go…..and thanks to this snow storm and having no electricity, I needed to slow down! THANK GOD, I have awesome management systems in place so that I can work from literally anywhere in the world!

As a matter of fact, in the upcoming months, I may be adding several more dots on this map some which include some available portrait sessions…so if you live in the Lancing, Michigan or Outer Banks, North Carolina,  shoot me an email, I might have a few spots open.

And in the meantime, the next time our power goes out…I’m just going to “go with it”….and enjoy where I’m at on the map at that very moment! 🙂



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