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There are receptions…..and THEN…..there are CELEBRATIONS!! This wedding was truly a celebration! HOUSEROCKERS DJ stayed true to his business name because he rocked the house and had everyone on the dance floor at the Indiana Country Club! The up-lighting looked AWESOME as well! Brides, this type of energy can’t be edited in …it’s either there or it’s not and the lights just add so much energy to your dancing photos! When you hire an awesome DJ, you get “more better” pictures! haha!


The first dance. In the upper left hand corner, the Groom asks his Bride for their first dance! It was so romantic!!

Pink and Navy blue were the colors so the homemade jam was perfect with the navy blue table linens.

Cake cutting and reactions to their toasts! They were hilarious!!

And you thought I was joking about the “cookie tables” up here in Southwestern PA! They’re nothing to joke about ya’all!

If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen this image! The Bride and Groom honored the Groom’s Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary by presenting them with a cake! It was the most heart warming thing EVERRR!!!

The Father-Daughter dance……it was so much fun to watch! It started off slow and then went right into a disco. EVERYONE was surprised….but I knew all about it! MUAH HA HA HA!!

Did I mention that it was a celebration? The dance floor was HOPPIN!!

I might have busted out a few of my own dance moves…it’s a good thing I’m BEHIND the camera!! haha!

The Hora!

This baby cracks me up!

And then the last two images that seriously make me go all mush! The Groom’s Grandfather was standing at the edge of the dance floor holding up his ipad. I walked over and said, “Are you getting any good pictures?” He says, “No, I’m streaming video!”. My heart melted!! ♥ Emily and Nathan….you are incredibly lucky to be surrounded with such loving family and friends! I felt it and I had just met them………I have a feeling your marriage will be SOO BLESSED!!!

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