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She’s outgoing….funny…..and always up for an adventure! Meet Amanda….one of the jen mcken seniors graduating next year in the big bad 2013!!!! I don’t want to brag or anything….but I seriously get THE BEST seniors! I mean, she’s bestys with two of my other seniors (hayyyyy Rita + Fallon) and I can totally see why! All three of the girls were so bubbly and down to earth.

She chose to get a few photos with Greg’s old truck. The 68 International with an Apache bed…it’s his newest project AND has been quite popular with the seniors this year! It fit her style PERFECTLY!

Take a minute to check out the video slide show I put together for Amanda! I’m not sure we stopped laughing the whole time.

Her eyes were an amazing blue.

I love how carefree she was during the whole session. I’m going to assume she had a GREAT time!

ahhhh….I love her dimples!

I can literally hear her laughing in this last shot!

Amanda, you are going to be an amazing special ed teacher some day!!!!

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  • Michelle RenzJuly 12, 2012 - 1:51 pm

    Jen….You did an awesome job! You really do capture the true personality of the person you are photographing. We had such a great time with you, I will definately be spreading your name around (in a good way!!!). Thank you again…I can’t wait to see them all!!!


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