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I won’t lie, I didn’t sleep well before this session, I stressed out about it ALLLL week and seriously thought I needed some type of “happy pill” to get thru it….but after everything is all said and done, it was SOO WORTH IT! Meet Lorrin and her family! She’s also a photographer and we did a photo exchange. She photographed my family and I photographed hers……all in one day.

I also have to say, that I get it now…TOTALLY get it…you know, what our clients go thru when deciding what to wear, hoping and praying you won’t look too fat, too wide, or make a weird face in your photos. You literally put 100% of your faith into us as a photographer to make you look like you invision in your mind. It’s stressful and daunting and quite frankly intimidating…I get it! I felt all of that leading up to the shoot. When it was our turn to have our photos taken, I kept thinking, does this angle make me look bigger than I already am? Am I making a weird face? (I have nightmares about making the “duck face”..haha) and am I standing the right way?  Yes….I was a wreck! Then when it was my turn to shoot their family, I was soo nervous because let’s face it, she’s a photographer, she can pick out allllll the flaws. She’s probably thinking, I wouldn’t do it that way. Why is she making us stand here? BUT after we both shared our insecurities about how we hope we don’t suck and that any minute we would figure out we are a bunch of hacks …..it all goes away and you just enjoy the process! This was ONE of the first times we have had our family photos taken… professionally. Yes I know, I hang my head in shame at the fact that I’m a portrait photographer that is able to give all these other families the gift of these moments caught in time….but I don’t have documentation of our own moments-at least with me *IN* them.

We both agreed, we didn’t want “perfect” photos….we wanted “REAL” photos….and with that I found comfort. Because that’s why I want YOU to have……no fancy photoshopping, no special effects, just some good old fashion REAL photos. So you can look back and remember exactly how your family was in REAL LIFE! Lorrin, I hope you love these photos as much as I do. This photo below belongs BIG up on the wall….


I’m naming this photo “everyday chaos” I LOOOOVE IT!!


Can’t wait to share “ours”! 🙂

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