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I knew they’d be a bunch of fun! Even though I hadn’t officially met the rest of them in person, from what Mandy had to say around the lunch table, the funny stories, how proud she was of them…I felt like I knew them already! Mandy (Mom) use to be my co-worker…back before I quit my “day job”! Even though I LOOOVE that I now work for myself following my dreams…..I miss them-my old co-workers. We use to LAUGH so hard at lunch, play jokes on each other in the office…….and did I mention laugh?!

She’s been following my blog for the past several years, and now she gets to be on it! 🙂 I’m digging the new “kicks” that Uncle Jeff bought the girls……they were so excited to wear them…. Rudolf socks and all! 🙂 tee he he! Mandy and Steve, you have some gorgeous girls on your hands….and it’s so nice to have finally met them in person…and laugh just like old times! They are so full of zest for life! And Jenna…..I’ll be seeing you in about a year for your senior photos! 🙂 And……Steve…good luck with keeping the boys away! Especially now that Lindsey thinks Katie has a million boyfriends! tee he he!


Love the boots!!

The girls were standing off in the background making “ewww” faces because they were smootchin!  Tee he he!

 I wish I had a picture like this with my sister when we were younger!

 Hey Lindsey, what is your sister’s boyfriend’s name? And she says….Which one?! hahaha!


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