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Did you know…..I never had my own senior photos taken?!

It’s true! How ironic is THAT? I’m a photographer who never had her own senior photos! Which in all reality, kinda makes me sad! My parents were divorced at the time and to put it bluntly, they didn’t have the extra money to pay for pictures. Yes, I got the standard headshot for the school yearbook, but I remember the feeling of everyone at school handing out their wallets and me having nothing to give in return.

What’s my point? I wanted to do something to “give back” and to use my talents to provide a free senior portrait session to someone so that you aren’t like me with regrets of never having them taken. These are the times of your lives, (whether you know it or not) and I want you to remember how awesome you were! HOLLA!!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: Anyone who wishes to enter is going to be asked to create a “vision” board for a shoot concept. Yes, that means you are ultimately going to create a concept around a shoot idea you have and that can “realistically” be brought to life. You can do this by pinning ideas into a vision board on Pinterest ( or any other means), take a screen shot of it and send it over with your entry. You must write a paragraph describing your idea which might include location ideas, props, etc. etc. I will choose the idea I like the best (and that can be realistically achieved)…and we’ll try to make it happen and come to life!




So here are the deets:(yes, I said “deets”, it’s my attempt at being cool)

The Details:
*One senior will be chosen for a free photo session and along with your choice of 10 digital files.
* If you are entering and are located “far” away, you must be willing to cover  your own travel expenses to travel to Indiana County, PA.
* You must email your contact information, including your school and full name. Include a screen shot of your “vision” board along with an explanation of your idea.
* The deadline for emailing your entries is: July 20th at midnight EST.
* I will announce the winner on July 23rd.
* There can only be one winner, but anyone who enters will also receive a $50 print credit towards their senior session.
* You must be a “fan” of Jen McKen, Photography
* Eligibility is only for those who have not had their senior portraits completed by another photographer. Sorry guys, I want to play fair!
* Get creative!!





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  • Stephanie BurrageJuly 6, 2012 - 2:37 pm

    I just want to say you are awesome!!! What a cool and special thing you are doing. Best of luck to the kids who enter.


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