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As much as I hated canceling tonight’s family session due to the rain (the rain that we desperately needed) it did give me some down time to spend with my own family. I realize it’s been a while since I posted anything “personal” on my blog and it’ hasn’t been on purpose. I’ve just been caught up with  the “busy-ness” of running a business that I haven’t stopped to smell the rain-for lack of a better phrase!

As much as the photographer in me wants to say that these would be SOOO MUCH CUTER if she was wearing a rain coat and oversized rain boots, this is real life! My child wears things like bathing suits and Minnie Mouse winter hats (to keep her hair dry) while playing in the rain. You won’t find any cutesy props or “antique” actions, these won’t win any kind of awards and they certainly won’t be “published” in any magazines…..it’s just real life.  Sooo, here’s a peek into my “everyday chaos” and what goes on around my house on rainy days! 🙂

 dancing in the rain…in a swim suit! It wasn’t long before she busted out the winter Minnie Mouse hat …you know, to keep her hair dry AFTER it had already gotten wet! haha

They found a toad! Mallory’s face cracks me up! She was afraid to hold the toad so when Natalie went to hand it to her….her eyes got REALLL big! haha!

We still have a tent set up in our dining room from when Mallory’s friends spent the night, so Mallory and Natalie play …in between Lincoln Logs of course!!


Gracie wants to play! She kept running off with the logs!  See it’s still possible to have a rainy day without video games! 



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