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The whole family is beautiful….but seriously, how gorgeous is mom?!!

Meet the Fulmer Family and who would have known that we were actually neighbors!! She lives literally right down the street from me and I never knew!! She moved into the neighborhood a year before me but we’ve been neighbors for the past 3 years and had no clue!  Big Sis, Katana, is artistic, and she wants to play the drums! She is very girly and loves to wear skirts and dresses…she WERKED her dress during today’s session. Little sis, Miss Miyumi is addicted to “Yo Gabba Gabba!” on Nickelodeon and reckless adventuring. tee he he!!

I had a great time with these guys this afternoon. We had perfect weather and it was so nice to meet them!


Seriously…how gorgeous is she?! I’m sooo jealous!

Werk it Miss Katana!

I hope this portrait experience was a LEEETLE bit better than the last one *wink wink*

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