fair food + bright colors | branch county, michigan | jen mcken, photographer

The sky had been funky all day. One minute it was sunny and blue and the next the gloomy clouds moved in and gave it more a mysterious feel! Either way, we had a great time at the Branch County Fair in Michigan near Erin’s house. Mallory particularly because  Erin and I basically caught up with each other while chasing Mallory around to the next ride! tee he he She even made a few friends-go figure!

I don’t get to go often back home because of shoots being scheduled in the evenings, but I have always loved going to the fair . Who can resist the high calorie foods and the bright happy colors? It makes me feel like a kid again. This year, I’m looking forward to shooting a few engagement sessions at the fair and I even have a few family sessions on the books…….it should be fun! Speaking of high calorie foods, I ate my first “elephant ear” ….I’m told it’s a staple of the fairs in Michigan, and it was sooo good! I feel official now!

I love the small town life….



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