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michigan get-a-way | jen mcken, photographer

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It has been 5 years since I had been out to Michigan…not since I’ve seen her-because as the loyal friend she is, she would make the 6 plus hour drive back to big bad Indiana County to visit me even when I couldn’t squeeze in the time to go there. We met in college and have been best friends ever since. She “gets me”, my weird humor, my sarcasm and my self diagnosed ADD. haha! She’s been one of  my biggest cheerleaders when I first picked up the camera and boy-oh-boy do I have some hilarious photos of her when I first started! I’d drag her out to Blue Spruce Park and take pictures with her in the daffodils! OMG, they are hilarious, BUT THAT is a whole other blog.  So why has it been 5 years? Well……I had always had 13343 jobs going on at once. Remember when I told you that I always had two or three jobs while trying to build my business because I wanted to do it debt free? It was very difficult to make time to go out BUT NOW that I’m self employed and have set boundaries,  I have discovered this thing called FREE TIME! We let our hair down, ate high calorie foods, went to the shooting range, caught a ride in the back of a police car, spent an afternoon on the lake and caught up on some of our favorite movies from the 80’s……and it was a FANTASTIC time! I wished we lived closer like our days in college…..but I get it now. My grandma once said that if you can count the number of close friends (the ones you could call at any time of the day and they’d be there) on one hand…you are incredibly lucky! Between all of my closer friends-I am SOO blessed in the ‘friends department” of life.

Here’ s a few instagram images of my weekend get-a-way! I’ll be posting my “big girl camera” photos in the next day or two 🙂



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